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Memory Foam Pillow: Buyer’s Guide

Close your eyes and try to remember how you slept in your childhood? You fell into a deep sleep every night, for sure. Now it is possible to get that deep, restful sleep back with the help of memory foam. Memory foam pillows, mattresses and mattress toppers have helped people of every age, weight and height get a comfortable sleep. If you are looking forward to improving your sleep, check this guide to memory foam pillows below.

Technology: Created by NASA scientists to decrease the G-forces astronauts experience when they lift off, visco-elastic memory foam becomes soft when it gets in contact with heat, adapting to the shape of the body, and providing even support to the whole body. It is regularly used in medical applications, and due to that, initially memory foam products available to customers were very expensive. However, the price of memory foam has been reduced lately, giving consumers with any income the opportunity to have a restful sleep every night.

Density: The most important thing to know regarding memory foam products is their density variation. Density is usually measured in pounds, with greater density having higher numbers. Although the density measurement can differ among manufacturers, you will apparently be comfortable with memory foam products varying from 3 to 6 pounds. In case you are willing to have something firmer, opt for a 5-6-pound memory foam. If you need a little softer sleep, prefer a 3-4-pound memory foam. Just remember that the measurement of density does not mean the overall weight of the memory foam products, as they generally weigh more than an average same-sized spring pillow or mattress.

Selecting a Memory Foam Pillow:

The process of choosing a memory foam pillow is not an easy one, since they usually come in various sizes, types and densities. So, you should several things about memory foam pillows, before going to buy one.

First, you will be given a chart, based on such parameters as weight, height and sex, but you have to consider the following things as well:

  • What size of pillow do you prefer now – small, large or medium?
  • Is your current pillow soft, firm or medium?
  • Describe the most comfortable pillow you slept at.
  • Describe your regular position when sleeping – on the back, side, stomach, or all of them?
  • Do you experience neck pain?

Then check the following types of memory foam pillows, so that you could find your perfect match:

Regular Memory Foam Pillows: have a shape of a conventional pillow, but are manufactured from memory foam.

Memory Foam Body Pillow: are designed to provide pain, stress and pressure relief, and come in several shapes.

Memory Foam Pillow for Travel: have a cut-off for the neck and are easy to take with to the plain, bus or other trips.

Memory Foam Neck Pillow: have a “U” shape giving relief for the neck pain and fatigue, and are especially useful for those who have a sedentary lifestyle.

Other Types of Memory Foam Pillows: such as Lumbar Support Pillow and Leg Spacer Pillow are created for the back and legs, and have pain-relieving functions.

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